Razorback Offroad Turbo-S SEMA Build!

Wallpaper Method Racing Tensor Tires for Polaris RZR Turbo S Custom UTV SEMA Build

It all started with an idea…

As soon as we knew we were going to SEMA in 2019, we wanted to show up with a bang. We needed to show the entire world what we were made of, and put the same passion we use to design our products into building a machine that ends all other machines. From a custom roll cage, to it’s race-spec fire suppression system. This needed to be the most competent machine you could possibly build. Something you could take anywhere, and do anything with, and it should make it look easy while it’s there. This is where the idea for our SEMA build came from.

Step 1: The Plan

The first part of our journey to the ultimate machine had strong roots. We started with a Polaris® RZR® Turbo-S 4, a proven chassis that stock; is already considered one of the highest performance machines Polaris® offers. We figured that if we were to build the ultimate machine, we needed to start with the ultimate platform.

Next we tried to imagine every possible accessory and modification that we could make to our Turbo S that would truly take it to the next level. We wanted this thing to not only out-perform anything on the trails, but also look the part too. With the help of our engineers, as well as some key sponsors, we were able to make a parts list of the gods:

696-2P-BTU Rugged Radio Kit
H42-ULT 2 Wired Headset
CS-OFF-16 2 Intercom Cable
RM60-V Rugged Radio 60 Watt VHF
NMO-MT-U Antenna Coax 13 ft
VHF-1/2W-SPR NPG Antenna with Spring
Filter Inline Filter
Installation Kit Install Kit
Freight Freight
RZR-06300 HCR High Clearance A-Arms and Trailing Arms
RCV-XP-1000-XBJ Ball Joints (4)
PCI-Air Pumper (Air Boost)
PCI Helmet Air Hose
3268 PCI Lowrance Moab Chip
2829 PCI-Klim-Helmets with Headsets (2)
1694 PCI-Helmet Bag (2)
FE BK519-RB175R TEK208 Quick Release Fire Extinguisher Roll Bar Mount
Safe Craft Fire Suppression System
Sector 7 LED Mirror Lights
E36-210B Door Bag Driver Front
E37-210B Door Bag Passenger Front
E40-210 Door Bag Driver Rear
E40-211 Door Bag Passenger Rear
15510 Steering Adapter
15512 Quick Release
15511 15511 Polaris RZR Steering Wheel
2884053 Polaris Fang Light Kit
1603580001 Polaris Wide Angle Mirror
1876290003 Floor Mat Set
1881210003 Polaris PRO HD Winch 45000lb
12% Gear Reduction Kit Installed in Transmission
800-140-01s Frame Supports for Sway Bar
810-1055-01 Limiting Strap Kit
XDR-81154 Grab Handle
XDR-81155 Shift Buttons
XDR-81168 Hill Killer Gated Shifter
MVP-0290 Power Brake Bleeder, XLT, 2 qt. Capacity, Thread-On, Universal, Kit
ESC-ESK001 Emergency Brake
Z-Bros Sway Bar
1630001 Polaris Clutch Tool (Dyno Jet)
PV3-19-07 Power Vision 3 by Dynojet
CTK-WS-09 Cartek steering wheel wireless controller
MOM-R1988-35S Momo 350 mm Steering Wheel
CAS-1.75X0.5RBC Universal bar clamp
CAS-1.75RBC-6 1.75″ Roll Bar Clamps Mt6Bt
GRK-1-33-001#TS 12% Gear Reduction Kit
TSS-POL-RC3 Brake light Plug & Play Turn Signal System W/Horn
PCS-64-TSX-NS 2019 Turbo S & 2019 RZR XP’s Plug & Play™ 6 Switch Power Control System –
SW11-RB105010 Carling Switch with Driving Lights Actuator/Rocker
SW11-RB113015 Carling Switch with Helmet Air Actuator/Rocker
SW11-RB118026 Carling Switch with GPS Actuator/Rocker
SW11-RB101001 Carling Switch with Amber Light Bar Actuator/Rocker
SW11-RB103009 Carling Switch with Dome Light Actuator/Rocker
SW11-RB112017 Carling Switch with Rear Lights Actuator/Rocker
50-360 SLP Billet Clutch Drive Cover
41-8024 HD Clutch Kit
Labor SLP Labor to Upgrade Clutch
F560 Gel Filled Battery
G3500 Battery Charger Digital
RRLOWUSGS48ST-1 Rugged Routes GPS Topo Map
Cognito Door Kit
MR40155046346B2 Method Race Wheel w Beadlock MR401-R 15 X5 5=0=46MM Offset
TT351015DS60 Tensor DS Series 35x10R-15 (60 Durometer Tread
Tube Clamps
PRP 4.2 Rear Seat Harness
PRP 45.3X2 Front Seat Harness
PRP XC Front Seats- Lumbar-Seat Heat and rear Pocket
PRP XC Rear Seats-Seat Heat and Goggle Pocket

Step 2: The Build

Now that we had our platform, and our parts list, it was time to get to work…

The Final Result.

Over the period of 3 weeks, we took our bone stock Turbo-S and turned it into the ultimate offroading machine. We tried our hardest to not spare a single detail when it came to this build, down to even the dustcaps for the wheels, everything was accounted for and made to happen. Whether its traveling down a mild forest trail, or crawling up cliffs in Moab, we built this machine to conquer anything it rolls up to, and then over.

We hope you enjoy the build, be sure to check out our video showing all the details of this custom Turbo S, and the Gallery below!

A special thanks to the people who made this happen!

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    HI my wife and I love your products are dogs greatly appreciated the rack for the hight on the 2020 General 1000 4 seater was wondering what’s the chance that you will do a roof and center council for the General and are you going to offer skid plates for the General thanks for your time we love to use more products form you.

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